Welcome to Buxxomly, Babe!

Like many great ideas, the inspiration for Buxxomly came to me out of frustration. 

The love of my life had convinced me to get married, and like any new bride, I began shopping for the perfect wedding gown. I fell head over heels with a backless dress from a London designer, that made me feel like the Princess Bride. What made the gown even more special, was that this was the dress my best friend Sara wore at her wedding. My mind was set, this was the dress.  

Having birthed two kids my tummy wasn’t tight, and at almost 40 yrs old gravity wasn’t kind to me either. Therefore, I went on the hunt for the perfect wedding undergarments that could hold up my ta-tas, smooth my belly bumps, and allowed me to wee without having to completely undress in the washroom. 

Though shapewear has helped many women over the years, I found nothing to be supportive, comfortable AND sexy. Stickies were out of the question for fear of them falling down on the dancefloor (how embarrassing!) and, let’s be honest, they have no support. The bodysuit shapers with built-in bras were a joke because all they did was make my boobs look like pancakes! On top of that, these pieces were not sexy. And don’t forget about the gusset at the bottom, how do you pee in that?!

I wanted to find a foundation piece that offered the support of shapewear and made you truly feel confident, even when the gown comes off at the end of the night. So I did my research and nothing like that existed. Ultimately, Buxxomly was created. 

Liftwear Lingerie: Helping You Wear the Dresses You Love

Working with Romina, our talented designer, we created BUUST —  the world’s first deep V-front, backless undergarment crafted from soft, body-fitting luxurious Italian fabric designed to uplift, support, and actually be comfortable — all while being sexy enough to skip clothes entirely.

With the invention of Liftwear™ Lingerie, I want to spark real change for women's foundation garments. 

“This isn’t about masking flaws or squeezing in. It’s about confidently flaunting what you’ve already got, in a sexy piece that feels and looks incredible from the time you put it on until the moment you decide to show it off.”

BUUST is just the start of this revolution, but I think it’ll be a big one. I can’t wait for you to join me in this journey for a new kind of confidence — and way to get dressed. 


Founder of Buxxomly