An Open Letter to Old Shapewear

Dear Shapewear,

I know you had good intentions. You were only trying to help. It just isn’t working anymore. We were introduced with the promise that you’d boost my confidence. But every time we are together, I feel totally unsexy because you squeeze too hard. You make it unbearable to breathe. 

When we first met, you pledged to help me feel good in any garment. And sure, you helped a little. For the most part though, I’d rather not be seen with you. There, I said it. You embarrass me! As much as you wanted to make me feel better about myself, your presence makes me feel uncomfortable. 

And please don’t even get me started on using the bathroom. Am I really condemned to pee through a hole during every special event?  

The truth is, that I’ve met someone else. BUUST by Buxxomly is perfect for me! A backless bra foundation piece that supports me, and makes me feel both comfortable and sexy. Created by a La Perla designer and made in the USA, with luxury Italian fabric and French trims, the quality of this is going to last a lifetime. Hugging me like a best friend should, and lifting more than just my confidence, BUUST is the reason why it is time for us to break-up. 

May you be free to torture and taunt — er, I mean “help” — other women out there. 


Finally, I Can Breathe