5 Essentials For Your Honeymoon Packing List

Up until now, the planning has all been about your big wedding day. With the details all settled, it is finally time to plan what to pack for your honeymoon! You have your honeymoon packing list ready, you know what you are going to wear, you have digital copies of your travels papers, and reservations are all set. Here are 5 must-haves you’ll want to bring on your honeymoon, that you didn’t know you need: 

A Hip Fanny Pack
Hear us out: One, they’re cool now, we swear. Two, there are so many styles now that translate to “world traveler” as opposed to screaming “tourist.” And three, you do not know the joy of being able to drink espresso, hold hands with your loved one, and point out sites excitedly like a caffeine-hyped tourist - all while your personal effects are safely secured to your person - until you’ve worn one.

Sunscreen & Sunburn Relief Treatment
Did you hear the story about Chris Pratt’s lobster-red sunburn on his honeymoon? Instagram has the photo proof that also includes a sliver of his bodacious booty. You’re never too famous for sunscreen - bring it and wear it! #lotionup

BUUST by Buxxomly
Because you’re so good at packing *wink*, you’ll want pieces that do double duty. BUUST is an undergarment that’ll keep you supported comfortably under any dress or outfit during a fancy night out. It also makes for some sleek and sexy lingerie when you get back to the hotel *double wink.* 

Baby Wipes
For sweat, messes, questionable bathroom situations, and for removing makeup after dancing the night away. 

Tennis Shoes 
Start your honeymoon on the right foot. Toss on your sneakers when you head to the airport and reach for them when it's time for a casual day of exploring. Your feet will thank you. 

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